Sandcircles and their energies


By Ed vos



Every form, every symbol, even every character or number caries an energy in them. Very remarkable are the sandcircles, in which energy are working, that comforts Mother Earth and their inhabitants, and do have a cosmic radiation. On may 28th 2006 I was part of a group laying down such a formation on the carpet, surrounding Mother Earth. An experience never to be forgotten



Forms and Geometry


I think every one knows cropcircles appear very regularly, all around the world, but especially in southern England, It is well known a lot of them appear every year again, with very complicated designs.

One could ask himself if we have to deal with a phenomenon, or if we have to deal with man made formations. In those days Dave and Dough told they made them, which is hardly impossible, but…..

I myself am in contact with someone who told me he made a lot of cropcircles himself.

Some formations indeed might be the work of humans, but their still are a lot of formations that have an unknown source or creator


The person I’m in contact with, and know very well, regard him as my friend, but for privacy reasons I’ll not mention his name, says he made them out of his feeling with the use of some escort of an unknown source. During creating those circles by him, some light manifestations appeared.


A pity to me is  that by making such formation in crop, the plants of the farmer were destroyed which of course cost some money, whatever great experiment making cropcircles might be. It’s so much different from making sandcircles!


Characteristic for both crop and sandcircles is, the symbolics of both of them do tell us something, and has a certain influence on our consciousness as well as on our cell-consciousness, because those forms carry the wholly geometry in them, which appeals on our being, often even on our cellular level and contribute to changes in our system, both physically and consciously, on our way to higher dimensions. The road we all have to go mondial


The pithy and strong energies those geometrical designs show us, for that reason is very powerful, and effects us very strongly


Whenever formations are created out of other dimensions in crop or other  vegetation I really dislike it for the income of the farmer is reduced by that.

If people make those geometric forms in vegetables, they do the same, being conscious they harm the income of the farmer as well, regardless of the great meaning they have to create such nice cropcircles using the great Holy Geometry.





How other could it be, being interested in cropcircles and symbols, I became in contact with Richard, who makes formations in sand since 2005


Sand, a material he never loved, never played in a sand-box as child, but now sand crossed his road. Sand, mainly consisting of silicium, of which rock-crystal consists of as well!

By means of erosion throughout the centuries, and much longer, it has become to sand, as we call it nowadays.


The formations are laid down on sand plains, and don’t deliver any damage for the owners of them, but the symbols do contribute to the healing of Mother Earth, and are a great help for our trancendention action. Raising our potention as humans, transforming our consciousness and raising our vibrations, and other issues that can be mentioned, that stimulates us growing in our personal lives.


Richard receives the symbols or blue-prints from Cleo, an Arcturian. Richard creates them on the given time and date into sand.

Using the Holy Geometrie, the geometrical drawings are made in sand, not using any tools like rulers or other equipment, for the size is too big, so only Holy Geometry will do.

Square lines for instance can be made by making use of circles based on the Vesica Piscus, the symbol, standing for the constellation of Piscus, that constellation by the way stands for “the contructor”.

After a while all help lines and circles are ready, and can be removed. Now it’s time to be busy with coloring the formation. Some parts should be dark, some light.

Dark parts are made by using a rake, light parts by stamping with our shoes or feet. The dark and lighter parts correspond with the male and female principles, or energies


As Richard did put the drawing of sandcircle 8 on the virtruvio, the famous drawing of Leonardo da Vinci, it didn’t fit that exact.

The image of the human in it was quite correct, but with a difference of exactly 10 cm, the distance between the ancle and the foot-sole.

But actually it did fit!!!! During the activation of the formation. The issue is the participants of creating the formation, imagine that they raise the pattern 10 cm up high, til their ankles, and than during the activation, visualize they press it like a stamp in mother Earth, so the pattern will get under the foot-soles again


From science, and physics, we know that Piëzo crystal, that indeed, under pressure can generate huge energies. Because in fact sand in fact is noting else as very small crystals, that Piëzo effect works here same like, as we in thought, powerfull press the symbol like a stamp in Mother Earth



I was allowed to participate with the creation of the sandcircle that took place on may 28th 2006, and am grateful for that. The formation (See pictures) was standing for leaving loose that old patterns that doesn’t serve us anymore, and were stored in our cell consiousness level

Old patterns and way of thinking we made our own during the years, and that have had a big influence on our live.

With the creation of this formation, the road has been openend to transform these old energies to a higher level, with which the old energies have been vibrated loose, and make space for newer, energies that may comfort us, and our DNA provides with new information


In the formation that Swastika symbol is to be found. A very powerful symbol, unfortunately during world war 2 used in a negative way.

The design of this formation has had a very harmonical unfluence on me, and still has. Besides the very nice “flowing” Swastika, there is that powerful Pentacle in the centre as well. The whole design for that reason generates a very powerful energy.

It isn’t coincidental this formation should be laid down on that special date as the moon was growing. For whatever is created during that period will grow, and manifest in a strong way.


The influence of this and the other formations, is not only benefiting those that were creating the formations, but have their influence on the Earth as well as all inhabitants of our planet.





During the last period, Richard went to the locations he made his previous formations. This to make pictures of them (although not visible anymore) with as purpose to see if any energies could be captured. And that indeed happenend!

He got hundreds of orbs on his pictures!

A nice “prove” the energies still are there, even although the symbols aren’t visible anymore. Orbs by the way, can best be photographed in the dark. But something special happened in the formation of may 28th

After the activation by the participents by means of a meditation, also using the  power of our thoughts, Richard photographed several orbs.



Remarkable is, although I photograph orbs for years now, I didn’t get one single on my photos, although Richard got a lot of them. Other participants didn’t get orbs either. All pics were made with flash, this becouse orbs can be best captured with flash.

As it was a rather windy day, one could think about drift sand, redlecting the flash. But if that was the case, other participants shoud have photographed them as well.


After the activation by members. The arcturians are coming in action as well to activate the formation as Richard told me. They do it on their own way. Richard felt that moment, and at that very moment he fotographed from the centre of the formation straight up in the sky, capturing that marvellous orbs. I’ll never forget that moment! Neither does Richard.

Afterwards some pics were taken as reference, but there weren’t orbs to be captured again. A very well known case under orbs photographers.

That pic also shows us in a great way, the movement of the orbs, creating a spiral, a vortex. A gate to other dimensions.


I’m grateful I might be participant in creating and activating this formation.






For more information: www.artdezign.nl


Pictures: © Richard van Rijswijk


Earlier published in the Dutch esoteric  magazine ”Spiegelbeeld”  sept. 2006 www.spiegelbeeld.nl






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