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A lot of stones found their way all over the world, sended by reegular post. A lot of pictures were sended on request by e-mail, to a lot of people, and it came out, the energy of the photo, published with the article, is the same, and has the same effect as the hand painted stones, Lennie made.

The energy of sended pictures by e-mail, or downloaded from this website, also was the same, and did its work even effective. 

In the last months of 2001, the "message came through" that the symbols as they were previous paintedd on stones by Lennie, could also be spread on cards, and the internet is a good opportunity to do so.

These cards are there in several variaties to be downloaded: One single big card, with one picture, and 8 cards fitting on one A4 paper. This as well in color as in black and white. Preferable is printing the colored one, but there are also black and white once for those who cannot print in color. You can fill in the color yourself.

The cards have to be cut, and folded over thee line. The right half, with the 5 dotsshould become the back of the card

Please fill the black and whites with the color red, for that color is essential.


This cards may be given away with love, and no money or whatever may be asked for it

Although plastic blocs a lot of esoteric energies, it doesn't do that with these cards, so you can seal them if you like, to give them a longer life.

Click on one of the pictures below to print, and click on "previous"in your browser to return to this page.


                                                  Color            Black and white

                                             symkleur.jpg (49325 bytes)          symzwart.jpg (45956 bytes)


                                                                                    symklkleur.jpg (132768 bytes)                 symklzwart.jpg (132327 bytes)





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