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Water as carrier of energy

By Ed Vos


That water is a carrier of energies and frequenties, is very well known. In Japon, mr. Emoto did a lot of research with transferring energies and frequenties into water. From that water he made pictures under stricktly scientific circumstances. The results were amazing.

\It seemed that there was a great difference between water, loaded with classical music, house music, or very soft "New age" music. The patterns that appeared on the pictures were very harmonic with the soft and classical music, but in disharmony with the house music, in wich there was no crystal structure to be found

Even words game out to make a difference. Words like "God", "Devil", "Love", and other varieties each gave a ecspected structure in the water

Also Mr David schweitzer, living in England does this kind of research, and once loaded water in a cropcircle formation near a energetic powerplace called Silbury Hill (England, Wiltshire), the higest artificial hill, made in Europe.On the oicture of  the water, he find out, the pattern of the formations was to be seen 

Some scientist asked me if I would load some water with the cropcircle making energy in my next visite to a cropcircle, I of course liked it to cooperate.

Knowing the Sanjeevinees, healing frequenties loading into water, I cleared two bottles of water, to undo them of possible energies that might have come in to them during the production process, such as filling the bottles, transporting them to shops etc.

One bottle was loaded in the formation with the right intention, the other was not, to have a unloaded reference.
The formation I took the bottle in was the formation of Barendrecht (NL) that appeared on 4-7-2000, and consisted of 3 circles.

With a GPS meter we found the following values: North 51.50,39.2 and East 004.32,35.5



A drawing of the formation


Beneath you'll see the pictures Mr. David Schweitzer made for the Ferd foundation of the water I loaded in the formation, and the "unloaded" water as well.


Water loaded in the formation


Water Not loaded in the formation


It is clearly to be seen the loaded water has a total differnt structure as the unloaded sample

The experiment was done with two bottles of water, type and brand: "Spa blue", manufacturing number: 03/2002 14 TF

I thank the scientists, who asked me to do this experiment, The Fred Foundation for their research and the costs they made, and Mr David Schweitser for his photographical work he did on request of the Fred Foundation.










Ed Vos