Symbols found in Ufo


On may 7th 1989, a South-African naval frigat spotted an undentified flying object on it's radar showing an aicraft heading for the South- African coast with a very high speed (Ca. 6000km/h)
They tried to get a radiocontact, but there was no responce. For that reason the South African air force decided two send 2 Mirage aircrafts to that area, carrying an experimental "Thor 2" laser canon.
On 13.59 h GMT, these Mirage aircrafts got the object on radar, and could see it with the naked eye.

They were ordered to use that laser canon. The leader of the squadron told, a blinding series of flashes eminated from the Ufo, and it loosed its height, and crashed in the Kalahari dessert, about 80 km north of the border of Zimbabwe. It lay there under an angle of 45 degrees in a crater of 150 metres diameter. The craft itselfs measured 20 metres. The sand was fused together because of the extreme high temperture




The UFO radiated a lot of radioactivity and electromagnetisme. that made motors of the other aircrafts in the neighbourhood malfunction, and 1 helicopter with 5 persons on board crashed, for that reason.
The UFO was threated with a special polish, to close down this radiation, and was transported to the airforce base Valhalla (Pretoria) for futher research.

After the entrance had been openend with hydrolic equipment, two aliens came out as the story tell's, that have been brought to a hospital for medical care.

Besides obviously very high tech equipment, there also has been found a lot of symbols. They thougt, it was extraterestrial, and might be something like an alphabet

Because of the fact they look samelike as we receive them, most are exactly the same, we thought we should share it with you all.
In our experiences the symbols we receive are a cosmic language, the language of the Light.
This Ufo seems to state our opinion

Here is a selection of the symbols that were found in the UFO:




The information below reached us later. Source unknown


Date: 7 - 5 - 1989
Subject : unidantified flying object
Code next : silver diamond
File nr : 2346-A 2-IC
Destinetion :Valhalla afd. Pretoria
Designated channel      Red / top Secret
Destricted acces :Illimunatad line







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