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"Orbs and other lightphenomena"
By Ed Vos

In the Dutch and German Language





  Dutch Photo Gallery (Coöperating orbs photographers)  

"Misty" Lightphenomenons (Coöperating orbs photographers

Gallery of other Dutch orb photographers  

  Pointing moonshaped orbs

Lightorb Series

Lightphenomenons in the shape of "Stripes"     

  Light phenomenons, manifestations from other dimensions. (article )

Light phenomenons, Interdimensional consciousnes forms (Article 2)        

  Lightmanifestations at the Kernhem estate.

Lightphenomenons after snowfall in the "Kernhem"wood

  Lightorb during hail shower on the Kernhem estate.

Lightmanifestations in the cropcircle at Ubachsberg 2000

Lightorbs, not being lightorbs 

 Photo Gallery of foreign  Orb photographers

lightorb experiments

Orbs behind branches and other objects  

Shooting orbs: "Shooters"  

  Coloured repeating phenomenons 

Orb and sound experiences 

  Orb and sound experiences on the Hungarian Puszta

Older Orb photo's (Photo's from very long ago)

Wylotowo The remarkable area with a lot of phenomenons (Poland)

Wylatowo 2006      

Wylatowo 2007   

Orb rescues cow

  Alien photos of Robbert van den Broeke

  FGK project 2005

What are orbs, and what aren't they (Article)

Orb movies by Suzanne

Lightorbs above sandformations by Richard van Rijswijk

Lightorbproject FGK Hude Germany 2006

Lightorb channeling by Zsuzsa Starkey (Hungary)

Orb channeling by Victor Zammit

From butterfly to lightorb

Photos taken during concerts of master pianist Wibi Soerjadi

Exerpt of a lecture of Ing. Horst Grünfelder oct 2007

More research by Horst Grünfelder 1  Barge Inn

More research by Host Grünfelder 2  Kugelbahn

  More research by Host Grünfelder3 Ilses Rain Orbs (English only)

More research by Horst Grünfelder 4 Ilses  Spheric planes (English only)

Clock and world clock to synchronize world wide experiments

Radiëstical reseach by Horst Grünfelder on a Lichtorb on the Kernhem Estate

Lightorb pics during a heavy thunderstorm

Lightorbsymposium Hude (Germany) 2008

Lightorbexperiments in Hude (Germany) 2008

Memorial Jan Young

Article of Manon Tromp about orbs

Snoworb experiment 20 dec 2010              

Orbs or UFO's (Franko Prast Germany)     

Orbs during the FGK symposium may 2010

Orbs during the Ankh Hermes symposium 2010

Wiepke communucates with her passed son

3 dimentional orbs         

Analogue photos of Tilly Dinger with a comprehensive research from Klaus Heinemann Ph.D, Author of orbs books

Orbs videos, documentaries                        







(c) Ed Vos