Recommended Books.


On this page you'll find books I really can recommend you to read.

Of course I could recommend a lot more books. Just made a pic out of them


Book without Goodbyre  Without goodbye, Fleur Hols. A spiritial journey after the sudden death of her husband





 The Orb Project, Míceál Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann


  How to Photograph the Paranormal, Leonora Sweet Ph.D.


Megalithen à la Carte, Die schönsten Menhire & Megalithen der Bretagne und wie man sie finded.
                               Rüdiger und Nina Wagner. (In the German language only)


  Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope,  Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D. & Gundi Heineman


 Zauber der Welten, Christine Goeb-Kümmel. (German language only)
                            I (Ed Vos) greatly recommend this book to all people interested in Orbs




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